Office Services offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Office Furniture Assembly & Installation offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Office Furniture Assembly & Installation

Are you looking for the most efficient office furniture assembly experience? Office Tech, Inc. has only the top furniture assembly professionals across all major manufactures to come to your business to transform those boxes box of loose pieces into an efficient office environment. if assembly in your business is not an option, do not worry we have an oversize warehouse just for this purpose. With Office Tech, Inc., you have come to the right place. Private office furnishings, open area workstations, task and conference seating, storage, conference room furnishings and ancillary furnishings. We work within your budget to make it happen.

Office Relocation offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Office Relocation

We have an awesome moving crew, a fleet of moving vehicles and equipment ready to pack you up and relocate your business under your direction. When you are ready to move into a new location, Office Tech, Inc. can handle it all, from the actual work of moving to disconnecting and reconnecting your office equipment and computers!

Folding Guard Security Systems offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Folding Guard Security Systems

Businesses of all kinds, in every part of the US, are using Folding Guard® solutions to support the welfare of employees and to ensure that every day work runs as smoothly as possible. That is why we believe there is no time to waste when it comes to making workplaces safe and secure. Office Tech, Inc. is experienced preforming and design and installation across all Folding Guard products.

Furniture Reconditioning offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Furniture Reconditioning

If you want your office furniture to last, keeping it clean is vital to its comfort and longevity, and helps to maintain a tidy workspace. Office Tech, Inc. provides complete upholstery and fabric cleaning services including office chairs, fabric panels, carpets, and other fabric surfaces throughout your business. We can clean your cubicle panels, office chairs, carpets, and upholstery to help your office space look and feel refreshing and new.

Warehouse Pallet Racking offered by Office Tech, Inc. in Denver CO

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Office Tech, Inc. is ready to design and set up your warehouse and move your inventory. Get your business off the ground efficiently by designing and stocking your warehouse with warehouse racks, shelving, and security from Office Tech, Inc.. We also specialize in the installation of all types of Folding Guard Security Systems to keep your warehouse inventory safe and secure. A clean and organized warehouse is key to an efficiently managed inventory. Contact us today to learn more about warehouse racks, warehouse design and installation services